DEX has been producing concrete sinks for 20 years. The concrete trough sink started a look that has become extremely popular and now every major sink manufacturer has some type of trough sink design they sell. We love that. We also love that no other material offers the versatility that concrete does in terms of custom colors, shapes and sizes at a reasonable cost.

DEX customizes designs to a client’s specs, and our approach to integral sinks is consistent with that philosophy. We can produce any basin shape and size in any size countertop as long as it meets the proper structural and functional criteria. The portfolio in this section has a handful of designs customized specifically for our clients.

Backslide Ramp Sink

Our most popular sink. DEX has produced hundreds of Ramp Sinks from 18 inches to 15 feet in length, all in one continuous cast product without seams. Our exclusive design has a slot drain with no visible drain holes and a removable stainless fitting for easy plumbing.



Racetrack oval trough sink available in 2 sizes.


Unique modern design featuring a convex surface sloping to the back and sides.


Trough-style sink with a gently curving slide into a center linear outflow.


Modern Oval – true oval shape, sleek modern look with a center drain.

Traditional Oval – modified oval shape that slopes toward the back with a back drain that allows for ADA compliance.

Zero Oval – true oval shape with the basin transitioning into the countertop with no hard edge or line of demarcation; very sleek look.


Floating integral sink good for use in small spaces.


Smooth modern look with rounded corners and a gentle slope to the back.