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Versatility. Concrete is unsurpassed as a creative medium and DEX by GATE pushes the possibilities of concrete applications with our materials. Our engineered concrete is exceptionally strong and durable and can be used for architectural, structural, interior and exterior applications in a wide range of colors, finishes and shapes. As a result of our collaborative process, architects and interior designers have the space to develop their ideas and extend the use of concrete as a building material.

Why Concrete? WHY DEX BY GATE?

DEX by GATE has produced several façade using Ductal® , which is a State of The Art, construction material (Ultra-High Performance Concrete - UHPC) with the superior qualities of high tensile and compressive strengths, density, ductility, longevity, eco-efficiency, and aesthetics. UHPC is an excellent material for use in curtain wall, rain screen or open screen and Brise Soleil designs. Miami's design district and New York's fashion district are among metropolitan cities where UHPC facades fabricated by DEX by GATE are making bold statements.

DEX by GATE produces customizable Integral Concrete Sink designs for commercial multiuser concrete trough style, and for residential master, guest and powder room bathroom vanities.

Concrete Stair treads for monumental and showcase stairs in flat slab type, tread-riser designs, and self-supporting treads. DEX by GATE produces stair treads in our proprietary high-performance Concrete and Ductal UHPC.

With 20 plus years of custom work, DEX by GATE has a huge project portfolio of residential Concrete Countertops, Concrete Bartops for restaurants, residential and commercial Concrete trough sinks, and Monumental Concrete Stair cases. Here are a few.