Why concrete? Why DEX?

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Who is DEX?

Headquartered in Atlanta, DEX is a leading provider of sustainable product using responsible practices dedicated to exploring, pursuing, and executing creative applications of concrete and terrazzo.

DEX is the result of the deep understanding, commitment to craft, and inventorship of our people. Founded by Craig Smith and interior designer Lauriel Leonard, DEX’s team includes a diverse range of professionals with academic and practical backgrounds in:

  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Woodworking
  • Sculpture & Fine Art
  • Construction & Renovation
  • Stone Fabrication

Our Partnerships

DEX employs and continues to seek partnerships with compatible business interests. Our OEM manufacturing partnerships have allowed us to grow both in product range and capabilities.

With strong exclusive manufacturing agreements in place with design industry leaders, DEX has become a sought after manufacturer for companies and designers that want to expand their offerings.

Concrete is one of the most versatile mediums modern society has at its disposal for use in a range of structural to truly architectural and functional applications. It starts as a fluid and malleable casting material and can be formed into innumerable shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. DEX has harnessed and perfected the aesthetic and architectural capabilities of modern concrete in an unparalleled range of products and finishes. Look through our site, we are sure you will agree. Being ‘Green’ has never been a part of DEX’s philosophy. Instead, our company simply seeks to make the finest concrete and terrazzo finishes available anywhere.

When Craig Smith and Lauriel Leonard started DEX in 1999, our manufacturing of beautiful, original finishes made with recycled material and found objects pre-dated today’s green building movement by half a decade. To Craig and Lauriel, it’s always seemed obvious that DEX’s high standards and uncompromising ambitions would include responsible manufacturing practices like reducing use of non-renewable resources, minimizing environmental impact, and emphasizing the connection between people and the natural environment. That the rest of the world is now taking note of this, is simply a bonus.

Concrete and DEXterra as a surface

Natural stone is truly beautiful, we marvel at what mother nature has created. Solid surface materials can also be practical and pleasing surfaces, but are limited in their ability to be tailored to many modern and even traditional designs. View our complete range of Polished Concrete and DEXterra™ finishes.

Concrete can respond with design options for any interior space or outdoor living area. In a space with multiple visual textures, concrete can be neutral, warm, and soft in appearance. In a more minimal space, concrete can match with its own minimalism or contrast with brilliant color and texture evident in the extensive palette of DEXterra™.

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